Social Time

Dogs are social creatures.  They love to play…a lot.  They love to play with you, but they also love to play with other dogs.  Another great way to pamper your doggy is to get him some friends.  Dog Parks are a fantastic way to do this.  Dog parks are such a great idea!  Seriously.  A fenced in area, where dogs can run around freely and play with each other.  Where everyone is considerate and cleans up after their pooches, and where you can even make new friends yourself chatting with other dog lovers.  You know, a lot of behavior problems from dogs comes from the fact that they’re bored, not getting enough activity, and not getting enough socialization.  Dog parks can really help with this. Dogs need exercise just like we do! There are a few downsides to dog parks.  Maybe your dog is a little on the shy side or maybe even the aggressive side. Also, dogs who haven’t been spayed or neutered yet could cause a little bit of a problem surrounded by other dogs….if you know what I mean. Young dogs (under age two…but after they’re vaccinated) will especially benefit from running off some of their excess energy. Socialization can help a lot, but you might need to just do it a little at a time.  When picking your park, be sure to find one with enough space for them to run well, a place that has secure fences and gates, good clean up stations, plenty of water to drink, shelter from the sun if it’s a really hot day, and a place for tiny dogs (if you have a tiny dog) to play together without being overwhelmed by the big dogs. Bringing a few fun toys along is always a treat as well.  So pamper that pooch with some fun exercise and socialization.

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