Pampered Pooches

There are so many wonderful things you can do for your dog.  In the past few days, I’ve covered a few of them.  Today I’m in the mood to cover a few little ones that are fun for both of you to do together.

Something that is super fun is taking a drive with the windows down.  Your dog will love the air in his face, his tongue flapping.  A drive can be a relaxing way for you to unwind as well.

Another treat for your dog is having a special place for them to sleep.  Maybe it’s your bed.  Maybe it’s their own special place.  But there are some really special, comfy beds you can get.  Heated, orthopedic, designer, with their favorite pillows, blankies, and toys.

Really want to pamper your dog? Make them a plate of what you’re eating and let them join you for meals.  Remember to to feed them lots of whole, healthy foods.  Just like what you should be eating.  You can both be healthy together and have wonderful time together at every meal.

Toys, toys, toys.  Toys are so much fun.  There are so many types of toys that are good for teeth, brain, and activity.  You can all play together. It is such a bonding thing for both of you.

Another great thing for both of you is to get out and go on a walk.  Go somewhere new.  See something else.  (Or smell something new…if you’re the dog.) This is great for both of your health.  And a fun plus would be getting a fun matching leash and collar.

What else do you like to do with your pooch?

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